There are a lot of positive signs in the world right now. A lot of the world is getting vaccinated and hopefully being spared from COVID. Hope seems to be spreading rapidly. But wherever there is a hope fire burning, there is a Professor Hinkle there to put out that fire and murder Frosty for a hat.

2020 sucked on so many levels for so MANY people. It was like answered prayers for others. Like me, I have been able to aid in the development of my child. While I am stupid and have ADHD, people have given me the tools to help my child. It's been such a thrill being here for her. To see her grow and to see our bond solidify.

This year, we saw a pandemic politicized and fighting over masks. I have never seen the division of our country become so petty. It isn't about to stop in the next year. All those feeling like the worst is behind us... I got news for you, saddle up Buttercup, the ride is about to get a bit rougher.

More political fights. More people sick of hearing about the virus... (It's just starting, friends) More division. More anger. It seems like we are in foreplay to another civil war. Grab the lube.

A bomb has detonated and we are haven't even seen the shockwaves yet. We just felt the boom.

It will get better. Just not in 2021. How is that for optimism?

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