Hi, I'm Maitlynn and I think I have a problem...

I am sure I am not alone in that I have binge-watched way too much TV during this pandemic. Starting back in March, when all of this really hit the fan, I was in the middle of watching "Schitt's Creek" and it kind of spiraled from there.

There is just something about how a show you know you can turn to can provide some comfort "IN THESE UNCERTAIN TIMES." Plus, depending on what streaming service you use, you don't have to be interrupted by 1,200 commercials telling you about "THESE UNCERTAIN TIMES."

So, this morning I was reflecting a bit on each series I watched from start to finish since the pandemic started and I am equal parts embarrassed and impressed to admit that number would be eight.

It doesn't seem like a whole lot until you really think about it...that is eight series' in their entirety (or at least as much that is currently available).

The thing that makes me kind of proud of this, though, is that I am usually the type of person to just re-watch my favorite series'. I have seen both "Mad Men" and "Parks and Recreation" three times through and have on-and-off binged "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" since 2010. Stepping out of my habits and watching so many new things has been really fun for me.

I really feel like a well-rounded binge-watcher so here is my complete list of shows I have watched all the way through since March:

Maitlynn's Binge-Watching Recommendations

What have you been binge-watching these past few months?

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