How fortunate can a product get when they have a celebrity endorse it? Sales go up, the celeb's popularity scale soars, the public digs it...everyone seems to win.

Of course, there are many celebrities who push a product just for the money...even if they don't believe in the product they're pushing.

But with Earvin (Magic) Johnson, I totally believe what he says when he sincerely endorses a product. Back in the 80s, Magic was Magic...and he was popping up all over the place in TV commercials. He did numerous television ads for 7-Up, Buick, and my favorite - Quality Dairy.

Earvin came home to shoot a QD commercial and neighbors, kids, and townsfolk came to see their local hero.

Take a look at some photos from Earvin's QD commercial below, as well as others he did for 7-Up and Buick...then watch the videos!


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