I can't lie. I saw this on The Talk yesterday. My wife leaves the tv on for our cat. I know I didn't have to watch it but once the dude started screaming, it caught my attention.

I can't stand cheaters. I have no place in my life for them. I didn't see cheating here. I saw a chick getting in a car and it could have been another lady picking her up. It could have been her sister taking her to get her hair did? Even if it was a dude, there is no proof of cheating. Just riding.

Something tells me they have had some problems that lead to him buying a drone. If not, following her with a drone may be a bigger problem. The golden rule is treat others as one would wish to be treated.

The ladies thought it was strange for a dude to post it publicly. Normally, guys want to keep this stuff quiet? I can't believe I watched The Talk either. Now, I am hooked.