Have you done a lot of Teams or Zoom meetings lately? While they can be boring, some of the options are pretty cool, IF you know what you are doing.

In our meetings, there have been spaceships, beachfronts, and tropical locations. I have yet to see someone have on the kitten filter though.

My wife came to me in tears about this last night.

"Did you see the Zoom Cat Lawyer?"

We probably watched this thing about 10 times. I woke up laughing about it.

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The kittens eyes were perfect. The look of horror on it's cute little face. Then, this booming voice that fits the tiny kitten perfectly.

"I am prepared to move forward with.  I am here live, I am not a cat."

The lawyer Rod Ponto has quite a history if you do some digging on the internet. To me, it's like a haunting or seeing a ghost that leads to a dead body. This story says, he used his position as a prosecutor in Texas to harass his ex girlfriend and destroyed her business. Click here to see what this kitten was up to in one of his 9 lives. 

Here is more on the story.

The kitten couldn't have happened to a better person. It exposed a real animal.

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