We knew Madonna and her Gollum arms were from Michigan. Her snobby attitude towards the state already got her in hot water with the Rochester Hills Mayor. Click here to see that. Nothing like a strongly worded letter to get cheap headlines. Total political pandering.

I was surprised to see some of the people who were from Michigan now making movies. Ken Jeong was the biggest surprise. He is from Detroit. Click here to see the 25 Stars You Didn't Know Were Born in Michigan. He plays Mr. Chow in The Hangover movie series. His best role is in Role Models though.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Burt Reynolds spent some of his childhood in Lansing but his autobiography said he was born in Georgia. Click here for that. According to imdb.com, Matthew Lillard and Steven Seagal are the most popular people born in Lansing. See those rankings here.

The SUPER HOT Amy Smart didn't make the list. She lives in Traverse City and wasn't technically from Michigan but she is on every one of my lists. 

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