Ice fishing in the southern portion of the Lower Peninsula has been a little sketchy for me. I prefer a good amount of ice before I take myself and 100 lbs of gear to stare down a hole for an afternoon of "Swedish Television."

Northern Michigan however, has had much better luck with good ice. And for anyone looking to learn from some of the best in the State on how to get started with everything from teardrops and schooley's to Vexilar's and Clam's.

Ed Shaw and his pro staff at the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Education Center in Cadillac do a masterful job of educating the public with all of the gear at their disposal to make an expert out of any novice. Clinics for the upcoming February 25th class are still available to register. And upcoming classes for Steelhead, Walleye and Bass fishing are also open for registration here at

Make sure to tell them I sent you! It's a great opportunity to safely learn new outdoor skills and share them with generations to come!   - Duran Martinez

Sara Crappie

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