Coming home for Christmas to spend time with my family is always one of my favorite parts of the year. Not only to enjoy all of my favorite winter activities with my family but also my mom, Jenn, is the queen of classy Christmas decor!

Now this is not to say people who have your usual, red, green, and festive decor are doing it wrong but Jenn likes to make it look like you have just stepped into a Pottery Barn or Pier 1 Imports store!

Literally, Pier 1 is where she got most of it but my goodness is it just a sight to be seen!

Complete with cutesy woodland creatures, flocked trees and Pandora ornaments and boxes carefully placed beneath them and even a more cabin-cozy-chic display, Jenn puts so much time into all of this, it deserves to be shared!

Also, this woman literally climbs on a step ladder to get up to the shelving that hangs about 40 feet above the entryway to their home without any kind of safety precautions...she means business and not even staring danger in the face will stop her!

Just look at this art:


If these little bears and the sign don't make you believe in the magic of Christmas you'll at least believe in Jenn Mossolle's impeccable taste!


The woman has a love for Pandora charms and makes sure to get the ornaments each year so she can carefully add them to these beautiful flocked trees! Honestly, jewelry stores should have her do their holiday displays!


Hello? Yes, Pier 1 called, they want Jenn to design their next holiday catalogue! The attention to detail down to the little raccoon peeking from the "O" in "Noel" is second to none!




Even down to the centerpiece of our kitchen table, Jenn's attention to detail and holly-jolly holiday spirit, I am so thankful to be home for Christmas in this winter wonderland!

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