This goes out to all my fellow winter lovers who get backlash when they say winter is their favorite season!

I will admit it is cold, driving can be a pain and yes shoveling and scraping snow are not super fun.

However, nothing brings out the inner child and gives me those warm fuzzies more than looking outside and seeing snow falling.

All you have to do is give yourself extra time to get somewhere, not let road rage get the better of you (I even struggle there) and make sure you are bundled up!

Speaking of bundling up, what's better than a cozy sweater? Knit hats are always in style and there's something so charming about everyone's red noses poking out from their scarves, coats or any other winter accessory.

Let us not ignore the amazing world of activities only winter can bring, either.

I grew up on a lake and we sure knew how to make the most of it all year round.

My sisters and I would ice skate for hours, drive four-wheelers where we were driving boats months before and, my favorite, ice fishing!

Disclaimer: not disgusted, the hook was stuck!
Disclaimer: not disgusted, the hook was stuck!

So if you ever doubt why you live in Michigan where we have real winters, get out and explore all the fun things the season brings! Bundle up, grab a warm coffee/cocoa and enjoy it. Also grabbing all the blankets and curling up to binge-watch inside isn't so bad either.

Winter is a magical time and as Dean Martin said in his seasonal classic "Marshmallow World," "The world is your snowball just for a song / Get out and roll it along"!

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