WTF!? Michigan citizens overwhelmingly voted down a gas tax hike to fix the roads. The State Senators decided they knew better than the voters and passed it anyway. Not looking for any other possible solution like finding someway to capitalize on the flow of medical marijuana. "It's not enough." they say. It may be part of the problem and throwing more tax on something we already pay too much for anyway, seems stupid.

Plus, will the money ACTUALLY be used to fix the roads? Don't they already have money for infrastructure that we have given them? Where did that go?

I sure as hell hope it isn't for trees! The State of Michigan is making National news again for questionable spending. They are spending $450,000 on plants for interstate 696. They planted some in 2013 but they died and NEED to be replaced. Are you serious? How will these plants survive? Click here to see the full story. They bought 14,000 plants because it helps the slope of I 696 and it's an eyesore.

I could rant all day on this but I will sit back and let you digest that. Maybe, I am an idiot and people think this is a good idea. I think it shows how out of touch some people are.

What a way to celebrate our Independence! By paying for for our oil dependence. As long as there are trees next to the crappy roads... It will all be ok.

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