I am a church goer, believe it or not. My life always seems in better balance when I go. This is not an attack on the church but more of a passing along of information.

33 year-old Jessica Mann is about to have her 3rd kid. She also has brain tumors. This pregnancy is endangering her life and another pregnancy could kill her. It would make sense to have her tubes tied after the C section to prevent another pregnancy but Genesys, a Catholic health system based in Grand Blanc Township, refused her request for an exemption to the ban on the procedure, citing religious directives. You can see the full story by clicking here.

She has filed a claim with the ACLU and believes she should be more concerned with her health and this pregnancy than religious directives. You may say "go to another hospital" but she says Genesys is her only option because her doctor only operates out of Genesys. "I have an ethical obligation to fight for what is right and to be that voice for other women who may find themselves in the same situation or similar situation that I'm in right now." She said. Her baby girl is scheduled to arrive October 24. Genesys has until tomorrow to respond to ACLU. I'll follow up with the tomorrow.

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