October 30th Def Leppard will release their new self titled album. Rolling Stone has the first chance to hear the new tune "Let's Go." Click here to check it out.

It will be their first studio album since 2006 "Yeah!" The new tune "Let's Go" reminded me of "Pour Some Sugar on Me." It fits the Def Leppard brand.

From the Rolling Stone article.

"Why is the album is self-titled? "All the time we were working on the songs, we would be having these neighborly types of conversations with friends and colleagues, and everyone would ask, 'What does it sound like?'" Elliott says. "And we found ourselves answering, 'Well, it sounds like Def Leppard!' I think after that kept happening over and over, it was Phil [Collen] who finally said, 'Why don't we just call the thing Def Leppard?' We were umm-ing and ahh-ing about titles, none of which I remember anymore, and so we just went, 'Fine.' Thirty-five years as a recording band and we've never had a self-titled album. Maybe now's the time.'" See the full article and hear the song here.

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