I LOVE me a good burger. It really depends on what you are looking for and what kind of time you have. Today is International Hamburger Day. Click here to see where you can get great burger deals today.

Now, if the burger don't have cheese, I ain't eating it. I know that makes it a cheeseburger. It always blows my mind when I meet someone who doesn't like cheese. Anyway, the best burger in Lansing for a sit down restaurant is Gump's BBQ Big Gump. You can only get it on Wednesday but it's worth the wait. Seriously, the burger is a day changer. Meaning, whatever you had planned to do after, it changed.


I bet if you were to weigh that burger it would be over a pound. Now, I know it's not a HAMburger but Gump's Brisket sliders are the best I have ever had.

For the best Fast Food burger in the area, my wife agrees with me by the way, it's Steak & Shakes Prime Steak Burger. I hear burger snobs screaming... "It's NOT a HAMBURGER!" But fast food doesn't offer real burgers silly.

The Mayfair in Haslett has my second favorite. The Feed Bag in Fowlerville offers my favorite burger in Livingston County. Click here to see that story.  Leroy's Classic Pub also offers a delicious burger.


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