It's International Left-Handers Day! Today is the 30th time they have celebrated such a thing.

Did you know the Latin word for left is sinister? Also, a slang term for a Marijuana cigarette is a "lefty."

My dad is left-handed. Left-handers have it easy when it comes to bowling... Hardly anyone is over these using up that oil. My parents told me that when I was a kid, I started out left handed but they kind of forced the right hand. They always like to sit at the left-hander spot at the table so they don't bump elbows with us righty folk.

Click here to check out the 10 legendary left-handed guitarists. Jimi Hendrix always gets a lot of love, but Sir Paul McCartney may be the most underrated.

It is a right-handed world, unless you are taking a Michigan left. Click here to see how you can celebrate Left-Handers day!!

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