I used to love fishing as a kid. It starts with baiting your own hook and where you go from there is up to you. Some people never stop fishing. We used to go catfishing at night and sit in a boat all day getting eaten alive by mosquitos... Hoping for a bite.

We used to get all of our fishing gear at Dickert's Bait Shop in Williamston. One time, my mom bought these cane fishing poles. We were fishing and a fish ripped the top of the cane pole out into the water. My mom went into the water in her clothes and swam that fish and that cane pole down. I will never forget that. My mom couldn't believe I remembered it. That is the power of fishing memories with family.

Last year on our family camping trip, my brother cooked up some Bluegill and even my wife said it was the best fish she EVER tasted.

We are fortunate in Michigan to be surrounded by so many fishing opportunities.

Make sure you get permission and fish legally.



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