It's really hard to believe I have been doing the show here at my house since March. It all flew by and you can tell by the weather, summer is over. This weekend is the official FINAL WEEKEND of our summer. We had it robbed of music. Many get togethers. Many people sacrificed much needed social interaction for the safety of others. Now, we have some things to look forward to as fall officially arrives Tuesday.

Fall Optimism

Michigan State football will be returning next month... As long as they can field a team. One game this weekend had to be cancelled due to COVID. Charlotte at North Carolina. Charlotte could play, they just wouldn't have very many offensive lineman. So many players tested positive, the game had to be cancelled. Click here to see that. 

The spring and summer flew by and so will the fall. Before you know it, life WILL return to normal. A lot of people won't be working at the same place. There will be new things to get used to and plenty of new things to complain about.

Get your ice scrapers and salt ready, you know damn well the snow will be falling before too long. It will be fun to see how far we can go without turning on the heat. My guess is soon. `

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