Unless you're living under a rock, you probably know that the Detroit Lions are having their best season in a very long time.

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With the Lions win over the Buccaneers, this marks the first time the Lions will play in an NFC Championship Game since 1992.

And while this is no doubt historic, there was something else that made history during that game, all thanks to the fans.

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In the previous game, the Lions vs the Rams, a decibel record was set. At one point, the mark of 133.6 decibels was reached. That record was broken once again during the Buccaneers game.

Detroit Lions Fans Set Decibel Record with Buccaneers Game

The Detroit Lions announced this cool new accomplishment via social media; X (formerly Twitter).

The loudest it's ever been at Ford Field was 134.3 decibels.

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While that might be the record set at Ford Field, it's not the highest decibels have ever reached inside a stadium. It is, however, the third loudest stadium ever recorded.

Ford Field comes in at number three with 134.3db. The number two spot is held by Lumen Field with a record of 137.6 db in 2013. And the loudest stadium on record is Arrowhead Stadium; it set a record of 142.2 db in 2014.

You can watch the moment the record was broken in the video below.

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