Turns out Jon Hamm loves Detroit as much as I love Jon Hamm.

First of all, of course 2020 is the year that Jon Hamm is LIVING in our state and I didn't know about it...I could cry.

You all do not understand how much I am in love with Jon Hamm.

But, as MLive reported, it can give us comfort to know that Jon Hamm absolutely loves the Motor City!

According to MLive, Hamm was a featured guest recently on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" where he talked about his time living in Detroit to film his upcoming movie "No Sudden Move."

Anyways, Hamm talked about how interesting it was filming during the pandemic, as well as being in a "battleground state" like Michigan during the election but most importantly, he gushed about Detroit's hot dogs!

“Detroit, if you get the chance, go visit. It’s a very cool city. Never been. My first time. Super awesome,” Hamm said.

To which Fallon responded ready to dish about Detroit hot dogs

“The Coney dogs. I visited Lafayette. Free plug. American and Lafayette. They share a wall," said Hamm. "If you don’t like a hot dog here, the exact same thing is right next door. In fact, I went to Lafayette with Cheadle.”

So, if you needed this to make your day like it did mine, you are welcome!

Now I need to go get myself a coney dog and think about Jon Hamm...not like that...well, maybe...you know what? Might be too much info but you get what I meant!

Maybe next time Jon Hamm wants a good coney dog, he could come out this way to Jackson:

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