Justin Sullivan - Getty Images News
Justin Sullivan - Getty Images News

WLNS TV 6 reports that Lansing PD and Ingham County Animal Control spent several hours at a house on West MI Ave yesterday afternoon, ultimately seizing over 80 chickens, four ducks, five dogs, a turkey and several marijuana plants. Clarence Walker, the homeowner, was not arrested.

TV 10 reports that neighbors had been complaining about the collection of livestock on the property since June.

Walker says he had been notified that he had until this past Monday to properly secure the creatures. He says he had already provided shelter for the goats on-site and was getting around to it for the other critters.

Walker also says that he’s a medical marijuana caregiver.  If that’s the case, the marijuana must be secured - police say it was not.

The Lansing State Journal reports that goats are not currently allowed to be kept in the city limits, nor are ducks and turkeys. And you're only allowed to keep five hens.


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