Before I got into radio, I was an IBEW union member working at Lecom in Roseville, MI. They were pretty much only cable back then but have since branched out into power. One of my co-workers was named Jason Paulsen. He was on my crew and like a brother to me. Eventually, I switched careers and we lost touch but reconnected on Facebook recently.

He is down in North Carolina representing Michigan, restoring power to the hurricane ravaged areas. He has been sharing videos and heartwarming posts.

Some of his videos give you an idea of the devastation.

I thought this was awesome and captures the human spirit. Yes, disasters happen but we don't have to lose our humanity in the process. Sometimes the worst brings out the best in people.

Jason 2

Nice to see Southern Hospitality still exists and even a long haired yankee is welcome in the south. Great job, Jason!

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