December 4, 2018:

TV 10, your breaking news and weather authority, reports that the Lansing Zoning Board has deemed that medical and recreational marijuana shops are not allowed to operate closer than 500 feet from each other. That puts the kibosh on a planned ‘Marijuana Mall’ that investors were going to open on MLK. The Lansing Zoning Board of Appeals unanimously rejected the Marijuana Mall request in a vote yesterday.


Nov 28, 2018:

The Lansing State Journal reports that yesterday, the City of Lansing gave the go-ahead to ten medical marijuana dispensaries. The next legal step for those businesses, listed here, will be to get licensed by the State of Michigan, then undergo inspection by the city's Building Safety Department.

It's reported that those ten businesses given the nod yesterday will employ over 1,400 workers and invest over $51 million into Lansing.


The Detroit Free Press reported earlier this week that with recreational marijuana officially becoming legal in Michigan Thursday, December 6th, (not everywhere, though, just an FYI - check that story here), some counties are already starting to dismiss minor use and possession charges.

You won't be able to purchase recreational weed commercially until late next year, as the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs needs to come up with the rules for how all that will need to work.

Smoking marijuana in public is not legal under the new law



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