The wrangling over medical marijuana continues, as detailed in the Lansing City Pulse article by Todd Heywood this week. An Appelate Court ruling deemed in 2011 that medical marijuana dispensaries aren't legal, which closed most of the Lansing storefronts at the time, but since then, dozens more have opened.

Lansing's Mayor says he's been hands off the dispensaries because the people have voted in favor of allowing decriminalization of weed.

Lansing's Police Chief says they're more focused on battling our city's heroin epidemic and violent crime, but they will look into a medical marijuana dispensary if there's just cause.

The new City Attorney says, if what he's been told is happening with dispensaries in Lansing is indeed happening, then he would file a lawsuit against all of them.

There are so many facets to this beast of a subject - take a look here for a more in-depth explanation.


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