Flame, Courtesy The Community Foundation
Star, Courtesy The Community Foundation
Welcoming Hands, Courtesy The Community Foundation

The roundabout at Michigan Avenue and Washington Square in downtown Lansing is going to get a sculpture, which will make the approach to the Capitol an even more inviting one.

When I moved to Lansing in 1990, the approach to Michigan Avenue included a 'Velvet Fingers' adult store and a couple of bars. It had character, but not really a lot of class.

Since then, there's been a SIGNIFICANT revitalization of the blocks of Michigan Avenue just east of the Capitol, including the construction of Cooley Law School Stadium, the entire Stadium District, several restaurant/bars, the renovation of the Lansing Center and improvements to the Riverfront.

The Community Foundation has been a partner in improving Greater Lansing in a variety of ways and one more way they want to improve our region, is by creating public art installments - and you can vote on which of the above sculptures that you'd like to see at Michigan and Washington, in front of the Capitol.

Read more about the artists and vote here.