Dwindling enrollment numbers, aging facilities, and numerous staff cuts have plagued the Lansing School District for years.

We've seen Elementary and Middle School closures and restructures in recent years. Sexton High School has a capacity of approximately 2,050 students. This year, enrollment numbers are under 700. Lansing Eastern is designed to hold over 2000 students. The last time that happened, though, was in 1988, according to schooldigger.com. 1156 is the latest enrollment figure available for Eastern, according to the MHSAA. And, once again, the talk of closing one of the schools is being heard.

Some residents, including myself, favor closing all of the district's high schools and building one school to house 9-12 graders.

Now, this is only one component of a very complex situation. According to wilx.com, the district is seeking input and opinions from district residents. The district will hold four open forums this week, giving residents a chance to chime in. If you can't attend the forums, LSD has also made a quick survey available online. Here's the link.

Allow me to toss out this opinion: The key to making Lansing a thriving Capital City once again must begin with, not only increased support of public safety, but public education.

Put your two cents worth into the pot, and help make a difference!