Now wouldn't this have been the dream in the 70's?

Yes, gone are the days of having to leave your home to get your "whacky tobacky" or whatever people call it these can get it delivered to your home!

Sure, it got a lot more convenient when it became legal in Michigan and you could just go to a dispensary but now, this is the future the hippies wanted for us!

With home delivery becoming one of the most popular ways to get food from your favorite restaurants, your groceries, your endless online shopping purchases, Lansing-area shops are setting plans in motion to be able to have Mary Jane delivered right to your front door.

Lansing State Journal reported shops like Gage Cannabis, Cannaisseur Provisioning Center, both Skymint locations and more in Lansing have "received state approval to offer home delivery, according to the state's Marijuana Regulatory Agency."

However, officials do note that it comes with a lot more challenges and regulations than just getting Taco Bell delivered.

There are things to consider like insurance and security measures like being able to track drivers, cameras and even vetting customers.

Matthew Markman, the general manager of Gage Cannabis' Lansing location, told Lansing State Journal about how, while many businesses chose to do home delivery due to COVID, another "huge reason" is to help those customers who use medicinal marijuana to help with mobility issues.

While all of the security measures may sound like a lot at first, it makes a lot of sense when you consider what they are delivering is a bit more valuable than a burrito.

"We've got to balance being able to get product into people's hands in a timely fashion, but also make sure we're negating any unnecessary risk," Markman said to LSJ.

While 2020 is pretty disappointing and we definitely thought we would have more jetpacks and more cool "futuristic" stuff, the future has marijuana delivery and that's a step!

While you're at it getting your weed delivered, might you consider some greasy foods to have for once it kicks in?

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