It's funny how few people admit to wanting to know the future. Some guys will act like they don't care and as soon as they are alone, they call the psychic... "Ok, tell me the future." Me, I really don't want to know ANYTHING but people in my family are BIG into this so I thought I would share. I am not saying I don't believe. I am saying I don't wanna know.

National Enquirer Astrologer Columnist, Maria Shaw Lawson hosts the upcoming “Maria’s Lansing Psychic Fun Fair”  coming to Lansing Sun. September 18th 2016 from 11am-5pm at the Comfort Inn West.

Admission to the Psychic Fair is just $5 and readings are $10 with some of Michigan’s favorite readers available for readings.  No appointment is needed, just walk in (Maria is doing 30/60 min. readings at her special fair rate Call 810-631-6887 to book your reading with just Maria ahead of time.  There is No appointment needed for other readers) There will be crystal, vendors, books and more…a fun day!  

Not a fan of the National Enquirer? Get your reading done locally with Connie at Coyote Wisdom. Click here to check out the Facebook page. Here for their website. She comes with Deb's HIGHEST recommendation.