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Courtesy Twitter


WILX TV 10 reports that a 20 year old Lansing Community College student was scammed by someone who claimed to be from the IRS.

Savannah Schow says that she got a call on her mobile from a 517 area code; the recorded message left in her voice mail said that she miscalculated her taxes and she owed the IRS over $3,600.00.

She called the number that was left in the message and the scammer, who sounded very official, told her she would be arrested if she didn't fork over the money. They told her there was already a warrant out for her arrest and if she hung up, that would alert police to arrest her immediately.

And they wanted it in $500 Google play gift cards.

Schow panicked and handed over at total of $2,500.00.


Adding insult to injury, the scammers then taunted her via text that she'd been duped.

That's now how the IRS works.



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