I don't think anyone is surprised by the New York Jets releasing Le'Veon Bell. It wasn't a very good situation for anyone. The guy who signed Bell was fired about 2 months after and he played for a team and coach that really didn't want him. They NEVER put him in a position to be successful, they owe him 6 million bucks and another team will sihn him before the season ends. Maybe before the day ends.

If you don't know his story, he came to MSU as a very low recruit. MSU had big name recruits like Edwin "Rock" Baker and Larry Caper ahead of him on the depth chart. But once he got some action, you could see why he beat out those other guys.

He only lost to Michigan once while he played here, back in 2012, his final season at MSU with Andrew Maxwell playing quarterback at the Big House. 12-10.

He was a second round draft pick by Pittsburgh in 2013. There he went on to become one of the most patient and versatile backs in the NFL. He was as good at receiver as at running back. He had 85 catches with the Steelers in 2017. Then sat out all of 2018 in a contract dispute.

2018 he signs with the New York Jets for 4 years $52.5 million with 35 million guaranteed! The Jets, like the Lions, never had a plan to utilize his skill set and now they will pay him 6 million bucks to NOT be on their team... A winless team.

Here is Le'Veon through the years.

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