It’s true…not just the country’s biggest, but the WORLD’S largest limestone quarry, and it’s located in Michigan. And not in the U.P. as some may think, but it’s up near Michigan’s index finger at Rogers City in Presque Isle County.

Currently owned by the Michigan Limestone & Chemical Company, the quarry was founded in 1910 and production kicked off in 1912.

There is a park and several places where you can view the quarry and freighter ships as they transport the limestone on Lake Huron. Take part of your roadtrip drive to Rogers City…you’ll get some INCREDIBLE pix and video when you do! Check out some of 'em below!


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Hot Air Ballooning, Early 1900s

The Defunct Grand Riviera Theatre, Detroit, 1925-1952

Michigan Salesmen, 1900s-1940s

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