All summer long I was waiting for this. Only God knows why, but Kid Rock has been summoned for jury duty in an Oakland County murder trial. He'll be among the 160 potential jurors who were summoned. Get the full story by clicking here.

The born free, American bad ass is 44 and actually named Robert James Ritchie. He'll Bawitadaba like a devil without a cause. An early morning stoned pimp, he should be primed for the court appearance. He even got a police escort to the jury room.

He'll get his ID out and put the picture away. "Def Leppard sucks!" He is sure to say. It's the cowboy way, baby. The Clarkston area resident is somewhat of a cocky bullgod but not above his American duty. "It's like yodelin' in the valley." He didn't say.

Hope these Kid Rock song titles did something for you.

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