It's hard not to feel a little hurt with my partner leaving after 7 and half years.

It was in 2004 while working with Tim and Deb, Deb Hart started calling me Joey Pants. I was producing their show on a fill in basis. The night before, I watched the Sopranos episode where Tony kills Ralph Cifaretto. (played by Joey Pantialono) I reenacted this out on the radio and she said "I am going to start calling you Joey Pants."

I hated it, but when the ladies started calling saying Joey Pants... It sounded hot. So, I went with it.

Deb, Duran and I are the final roots to the guy who started WMMQ, The "Evil" Mark Stevens. It's a sobering thought that I am now the longest tenured member of the air staff.

Here is the final Deb post. It's nothing sad. Smile. Welcome to the day my friends.


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