Think being the governor of Michigan is a good paying job? Think again. The governor of Michigan makes a lot less money than I thought. How much does the governor gig pay in Michigan?

First off, this isn't a polititcal post. I was curious about how much the governor makes. Being in politics is a stressful job and it's not a job that I want, certainly not for what it pays.

Who Makes The Most On The Michigan Government Payroll? says:

In 2022 the State of Michigan reported 5,552 employees making more than $100,000 per year; by comparison the average salary was $71,420. The highest reported pay for the state was $504,039.82 for Jon Braeutigam, Senior Chief Investment Offcr. The State of Michigan in 2022 ranked 10th in the nation among highest paying states.

When it comes down to it making $70,000 + per year sounds enticing. The benefits that come with governement jobs are impressive too.

What about the governor. The governor of Michigan has a terrible job. The stress of running the state along with kidnapping plots doesn't sound like a gig I am interested in, no matter the pay.

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What's the governor's job description?

Like any other job, there's a job description for the governor, says:

The governor's chief responsibility is to enforce state laws and maintain order. The governor submits a suggested legislative program and a proposed budget to the Legislature, and appoints certain officials to various state boards and commissions with the consent of the Senate.

As we've witnessed, that's not an easy task. But what does the governor job pay in Michigan?

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Gretchen Whitmer makes how much money?

The leader of the state doesn't pay as much as I thought. reveals:

In Michigan, the salary of the governor stood at $159,300 as of 2021, the 18th highest among the 50 states. For additional context, the typical state governor earns between $147,000 and $150,000. Meanwhile, the overall cost of living in Michigan is estimated to be about 6.0% lower than the national average.

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