Hundreds of drivers near Port Huron drive through this intersection daily and likely don't realize there's a quirk here that makes it unlike almost any other roadway in America.

The oddity here? The flashing yellow lights on top of the yield signs.

The intersection in question is the end of Keewahdin Road at North Road in Fort Gratiot Township on the outskirts of Port Huron.

Keewahdin Road carries M-136 and the westbound roadway curves onto northbound North Road as a merge controlled by the yield signs.

A photo of the intersection was shared to the Roadgeekery Facebook group and the roads scholars there was stumped to find many other examples of a flashing yellow light accompanying a yield sign, let alone two with commenters saying:

I've never seen this kind or any kind (including the blinking LEDs around the edge) with a yield sign before.

That's not even a common configuration for a Stop sign flasher in Michigan.

Here's what the intersection looks like on a map with the clear direction of travel being the state highway rounding onto North Road.

M-136 map
Google Maps

M-136 travels for a total of 17 miles between M-25 in Fort Gratiot, just north of Port Huron to M-19 in Brockway with the entire route being in St. Clair County.

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