This Michigan relic has stood as a testament to time. Over one hundred years old and still fully operational, although not used for its original purpose.

We did some research and have some information on what the lightship is currently doing at her port.

What Exactly Is A Lightship?

A lightship is basically a floating vessel that acts as a lighthouse at sea. It helps guide other ships through dangerous ports and areas in the lakes and oceans.

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This is the Lightvessel Huron (LV-103). Take a look at her below:

This Is Michigan's Last Remaining Lightship From Its Time

One of the last of its kind and still floating around in Michigan waterways. This is the Huron, Lightship No. 103.

Lightships Aren't A Thing of the Past - They're Much Older!

Lightships aren't a new thing in history. Although more popularly used here in Michigan during the 1880s, we have records dating back to Ancient roam of wooden vessels have large fires lit on boats to help direct vessels. Basically your floating lighthouse, if you will. 

This ship wasn't designed for speed or luxury either. It was basically a floating buoy in the Great Lakes waterways for areas where lighthouses wouldn't be easily accessible. The max speed of the ship as well was a speed of 8 knots, which is only 15 mph on land.

What's Left Today of This Historic Lightship

It's amazing to see that this vessel is still fully functional after nearly one hundred years. Although you won't find the original boiler and motor that was put on the ship, you will find a fully functional light and foghorn.

You can also found an amateur radio station aboard the ship. The callsigns for the station are NM8GS, which are actually a play on the ship's original navy call sign, NMGS. The radio station is under the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society.

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This Michigan Lighthouse Is The Oldest In The State, And It's Still In Use

It wasn't the first lighthouse here in the state, but it is one of the oldest that is still currently in use.

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