A while ago, I went to get groceries. I could tell it had been a while since I had seen another lady because I was attracted to anyone I saw. I joked with my wife the Shipt shopper was a cutie. We thought it would be a good front for a dating service. Single ladies deliver your packages... I mean your groceries. I am sure there is an adult film based on it already. How are you going to pay for these groceries? Chicka-wah!

People in Wyoming haven't had the same coronavirus experience we have had in Michigan. They were the last state to have a COVID-19 death and have lost only 7 people so far in the state.

So, Friday one of the strip clubs/Gentleman's clubs reopened with a masks on, clothes off party. I bet the smell of body spray was overtaken by the smell of sanitizer. Click here for the full story. 

The Bar owner Kim Chavez, eww it's a lady, says she was a little insecure about opening but felt a bit pressured by all the other bars opening in her area. The ladies were in clear violation of the 6 foot rule and made contact with the customers and exchanged cash with them. The virus has been passed by cash before.

While most of the dancers were wearing masks... None of the customers were.

The club was as busy as normal, they said.

I wonder if there is a designated pole cleaner?


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