Let's take a moment and just calm everybody down. You did not see concrete falling from bridges at the US-127 interchange at Trowbridge Road Monday night, despite the dramatic beliefs of some, and the uninformed, jump-the-gun, click-factory WMMQ Facebook update many of you read and commented on. (Run-on sentence rant ends.)

WILX.com reports that the Michigan Department of Transportation has sealed a concrete separation on the surface of US-127 near the Trowbridge interchange. MDOT officials expect more of this, not only because of the shoddy road conditions across the state, but also because of our spring cold spell compounded with our recent stretch of extreme heat.

On May 24, I-69 was closed near M-50 in Eaton County for emergency repair due to a similar pavement failure. More spots are bound to buckle if the heat stays around as it's expected to do.