I miss watching Calvin Johnson...

I live in Webberville. Now, Calvin Johnson is growing weed there with another former Lion Rob Sims. Click here to get the full story from the City Pulse. 

It cracks me up because I know so many pot snobs. People that think pot is worse than opioids. Opioids took the lives of OVER 70 thousand Americans in 2017 and they think they count of 2018 is higher but... They are still counting bodies.

Even CBD snobs out there. "Family Video has CBD now so I won't shop there?"

REALLY? So do you avoid bars and pharmacies also?

Pot could be to Michigan what oil is to the middle east but we can grow it forever. The reason Megatron, a millionaire already, wants in the industry is because he is a very smart cookie.

I believe Marijuana is the new auto industry. When kids used to dropout of school, they could get a job and make an honest wage working. Growing Marijuana is a skilled trade. You don't need a degree to grow killer weed.





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