It was just like yesterday when I heard all the experts predicting how legalizing pot and allowing dispensaries would ruin Lansing and make it the crime Capital. Well, put this in your pipe and smoke it...

The City of Lansing just got over 280 grand in revenue sharing from the State of Michigan for it's licensed marijuana. Mayor Andy Schor said:

We worked hard on appropriate licensing for recreational marijuana to ensure that Lansing has facilities that are safe, professional, and will provide a benefit to the residents of the City of Lansing. Lansing’s licensed cannabis entities have returned previously vacant buildings and storefronts to the tax rolls and have now provided almost $300,000 to help fill the hole left in the budget by the pandemic.

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It's just a small piece of the pie. Mayor Shor said the Marijuana industry has invested about 85 million bucks in Lansing and employs around 2,400 people.

This is all during a pandemic by the way. They expect the cash to keep pouring in with a full year to do business and likely more places and options opening up.

Mlive had an article out around this time last year that said "Michigan is smoking more Marijuana than any other state during the pandemic." Click here to see that one. Georgia was #2 and Texas was #3.

It seems to me they should be making a bit more but not everyone is buying legally.

A lot of empty buildings are now occupied and a lot of people in Lansing are making over 16 bucks an hour in the industry that is just beginning to bloom.

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