We've seen a few fan-created "Meow Mix" jingle remixes over the years, but now the company is getting in on the fun, putting their own spin the popular jingle. In fact, a trio of remixes have surfaced from the company, including a metal remix.

The metal version, dubbed the "Meow Mix Jingle of Sorrow," comes with killer cover imagery, featuring a foursome of yellow-orange tinged felines with the darkened fur around their eyes helping to accentuate the piercing white eyeballs of each creature staring into your soul. Add to it the words "Endless Hiss" in a semi-unreadable font and it's about as metal as they come.

The company has also introduced R&B and Latin flavored remixes that can be heard here and here respectively, with the latter hilariously titled "Gatocito." Look for the trio of fresh takes on the highly memorable jingles to start working their way into your consciousness through the TV airwaves, and prepare for a country jingle to follow soon.

Meanwhile, while we're having a little fun with the "Meow Mix" jingle, revisit this classic death metal version from back in 2014.

Meow Mix, "Meow Mix Jingle of Sorrow (Endless Hiss Remix)"

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