Joe Raedle - Getty Images

According to an article at today, the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee approved a bill aimed at allowing bars in Michiagn to stay open until 4:00AM. According to the article, bars would have to pay a $10,000 annual fee to stay open past 2:00AM on weekends. The money will be distributed amongst local police departments, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, and to the cities that the permits are located in. In addition, the establishments would have to be located within a central business district, gain approval from a local governing body, and show to have met security requirements prior to state approval.

This isn't the first time similar legislation has been proposed. In 2009, then Governor Jennifer Granholm was in favor of extending alcohol sales until 4:00AM to generate extra revenue. Though that plan never came to fruition, the second half of the proposal did, allowing alcohol sales on Christmas Day, and before noon on Sundays. Currently, bars and clubs are allowed to stay open until 4:00AM, but alcohol sales must cease at 2:00AM, and alcohol can not be in an accessible area after 2:30AM.

The current bill up for approval will now move to the House for voting.