It's always 1970 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I love the name they have for us folks who live under the (Mackinac) bridge: The Trolls. The Northerners call us my favorite name: The fudgies. Click here to see what a fudgie is.

Ready for a road trip? Let's head to the U.P. for some fudge and pasty's!

Not to be confused with pasties... but I could go for both.

Ever heard of the Black River Scenic Byway? BlackRiver map.png

I have been from Michigan my entire life and I had never heard of it. It's in the U.P. and said you need to put it on your road trip bucket list. Click here to see the full article. The only Michigan path to make it.

I love their Road trip tip: Wrap up your automobile adventure with a visit to auto-free Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel. “It has the world’s largest front porch and they have rocking chairs.” 

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