A Michigan couple's brutal, drunken fight caught on video at an Ohio water park has gone viral.

It's impossible to identify who started the whole incident by watching the video footage.  However, what is caught on video is shocking to say the least.  This incident took place at Kalahari resorts in Sandusky, Ohio on Monday, May 17th.  Police reports state that the incident began when some one cut in line for a surf ride.  Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth told Cleveland 19 that the real problem is alcohol,

We’ve had too many incidents there that have quite frankly been fueled by overconsumption and abuse of alcohol.

In the first video you see a small woman, who we now know is 23-year-old Brittany Cabay from Flint, Michigan, charging a small group of people throwing punches.  It's unclear who here target is as it is absolute chaos.  Then a male violently throws her to the concrete knocking her unconscious.  That is immediately followed by her boyfriend seemingly knocking himself out while attempting to throw a chair.  Her boyfriend was identified as a 24-year-old Sterling, Michigan resident named Zackary Colzin.

With in less than a minute and EMT rushed to Colzin.  But before he could administer medical care, Colzin attacked the EMT.  The EMT was forced to drop Colzin to the concrete. (If the videos are no longer showing up you can see footage on facebook by clicking here.)

WARNING: The video footage below is very violent.

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The second video shows that bystanders and life guards breaking up the fight only to have the young Michigan couple going on the attack again.  It appears that Cabay's face is bloody before she was slammed to the ground.

WKYC.com reports that the couple was arrested and charged with:

Zackary Colzin

Assault on a peace officer (fourth-degree felony)
Assault on an EMT (fourth-degree felony)
Persistent disorderly conduct while intoxicated
Resisting arrest
Failure to disclose personal information

Brittany Cabay
Persistent disorderly conduct while intoxicated
Aggravated menacing
Failure to disclose personal information

Colzin also has an outstanding warrant for vehicle theft in Michigan.  Local law enforcement and Kalahari security are combing through security additional video footage.  More people are like to be charged in this incident soon.

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