If you want a fun social media fight, ask your friends if green peppers belong on pizza.

The answer is yes, of course but it can become a heated debate. EVERYTHING belongs on pizza if people eat it.

Or you could ask, what Pizza chains started in Michigan? Or what city they started in.

Michigan Pizza

When I was a kid, the pizza place in our town was THE place to be after a game. You couldn't even get a seat some nights. It was always easy to grab a pie and head home to feed the family. There is a good pizza place in that location currently called M-43.

My sisters used to work at the West Side Deli in Webberville. To this day it remains the best pizza I have ever had. I compare all pizza's I shove in my mouth to it. They got new owners a few years back and started changing the recipe. Now, it just doesn't taste the same EVEN if they have it.

I discovered chain pizza much later. The greasy pizza parties as a kid at Chucky Cheese's was one of my first.

I was HOOKED on Little Caesars for a while, then the hot and ready ruined that.

My wife LOVES the Cottage Inn pizza.

Now, Jet's is my current favorite pizza chain. When my place is closed we always hit the Haslett road location.


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