(First - "theater"? Or is it theatRE? Discuss. I prefer "theater", but I shall use the term "drive-in" for the remainder of this article. Thank you.)

Good news, Michigan - if all goes according to plan, next summer you'll have a new drive-in located in Michigan to watch movies. According to WXYZ.com, plans have been submitted to Frenchtown Township, near Monroe, for the "Starlite Drive-In Experience" (see, even they called it "experience", instead of THAT WORD)

The Starlite will feature the largest outdoor movie screen in Michigan with digital projection. (That's great. I don't know if I ever actually WATCHED the movie at a drive-in, but I guess that will be nice, now that I'm over 18.)

Of course, if you're looking for a drive-in to visit this weekend, you could drive on down to the Capri in Coldwater, Michigan and catch "It - Chapter Two" or "Toy Story 4". (Pro-tip - you at least need to know the name of the movie playing, when your parents ask)

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