Okay, so the headline generalizes a bit. But, you've probably seen bumper stickers, and window decals on many a SUV in Michigan paying homage to the popular highway destination M-22. According to the Detroit Free Press, signage along the Leelanau Peninsula scenic roadway has become a popular target for vandalism and theft.

The Michigan Department of Transportation has come up with a plan that they hope will make the road signs less attractive to "souvenir collectors." That plan is to simply remove the "M" from the top of the diamond on the signs, making them all simply read "22". The design won't vary from the traditional white diamond with black font in any other way.

The Free Press report notes the frustration of local residents and business owners after approximately 90 sign thefts in the last three years alone. Manufacturing and manpower costs average $325 per sign.

So, if you're wondering what the big deal is about the road, its signs, and its allure to visitors, check out this YouTube video titled "An M-22 Sunday" from channel M22 life.