I stopped in my tracks yesterday when I saw this. I felt like I just walked back in the 1980's. A record player and a turntable on the shelf to be sold at the Okemos Meijer. It has been at LEAST 20 years since I have seen one on the shelves. It was like spotting a unicorn.

From the Pants Shopping Stash


Records and 45's have a special place with me. When I was a kid, I tried to play DJ at my sister's parties. The first song they had me play was the 45 of John Cougar's (Now Mellencamp) Jack and Diane. The last record I bought in a store was Motley Crue Girls, Girls, Girls.

Duran is on a big vinyl kick, so I text him a picture. He responds with "Someone has bought the Crosley name and they have been reintroducing old looking products because vinyl is HOT right now!" The one on the left was 80 bucks and the right one was about 140 bucks. The sweet looking one on the right comes with a CD player too.