These aren't the "Three Little Pigs" you read about as a child but they do need homes after they were found abandoned in a park.

According to MLive, these three little piglets were rescued after someone found them abandoned at Rouge Park in Detroit.

Now the Michigan Humane Society is looking for the perfect home for Hickory, Dickory and Doc.

Anna Chrisman from the humane society says, "“We’re looking for a home for these guys that’s going to love them for whatever their natural life span may be" but adds, “We are looking for somebody that has appropriate shelter for them. A barn scenario would be ideal for them.”

These piggies are going to grow into full-grown, 500 to 700 pound pigs so someone who can give them proper care, space, fencing, etc. is essential.

Hickory, Dickory and Doc are available for adoption now but keep in mind the application and interviewing process as the Michigan Humane Society wants the piglets to grow up as happy companions, not for meat.

If you or anyone you know has space in their hearts and in their homes/barns, these little cuties could be a great addition and you can check out the full story for all the contact information!

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