When you think about it, cows are honestly just giant, hooved dogs. They are cute, fun, goofy and sometimes they happen to wander off and find their way back home.

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Just A Normal Day On Michigan Backroads

If you live more in the "country" here in Michigan, things like this really just make you say "ope, just another Tuesday."

Getting stuck behind a tractor on your way home from work,  the smell of manure as you pass by multiple farms and, of course, the occasional loose livestock.

One Google search of "cows escaping in Michigan" brings up plenty of results, including this video of one running down a Michigan highway!

So what makes this story and these cows so special?

Sheriff's Deputy Walks Cows Home

According to MLive, it wasn't just one wayward cow...it was EIGHT!

The eight cows were spotted blocking a road in the Mason area on July 9th, three miles from home.

That's when the Ingham County Sheriff's office shared with MLive that the responding officer and two others spent two hours herding and walking these eight cows safely back to their home!

Of course, though, it's not enough to just tell you about this MOO-ving story and that's why the Ingham County Sheriff's office also shared this dashcam footage on their Facebook Page:

All in all, we can talk about how awesome this story is until the cows come home but if we did that, the Ingham County Sheriff's Department would be right there with them!

Of course, not everyone can just keep a cow as a pet but here are some other animals that are perfectly legal to do that with:

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