This article was suggested by Dawn Ann on Facebook. A cancer survivor, advocate and a great person.

I asked on my Facebook page for people to nominate someone who could use some promotion. A person who constantly is doing good and needs recognition. You can nominate a friend or a business by sending me a mail

Dawn said this. "My dear friend Casey Gloden just opened this shop with his family. He has chronic heart and health issues and is currently making decisions about a transplant. His store in downtown Portland is doing their first live auction this Sunday and I’m sure they would appreciate the publicity. Much love Joey."

This is Make Ya Double Take in Portland, Michigan.

Just seeing some of this stuff really brought back some memories. Mostly of the flea market at the Buckley Steam Engine Shows I went to as a kid.

Picking is HUGE now. He is taking it to the internet.

This is a Michigan guy running a store with his family. It's beautiful thing. I would rather give my money to him than Jeff Bezos. Keep that money in Michigan. Buy local and support your fellow Michiganders.

Thanks to Mi Portland Downtown for making the video.

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