My brother in Midland, the Great Outdoorsman (who I keep trying to talk into creating his own podcast or vlog of his adventures, which are many and varied!), sent me a pic yesterday of this monster whitetail deer that his friend's nephew harvested in Missouri.

(Confession: it was so enormous that I had to search 'elk' to make sure that really was a deer he had shot, not an elk.)

Shad Woodruff of Beaverton is pictured above with this beast he took yesterday. Not sure yet what the Boone and Crockett score might be on this guy yet, but am waiting to hear all the details.

My brother also saw this beast of a mushroom in the wilds of Midland. It's a 'hen of the woods' and is said to be quite delicious. You do want to be careful when you're foraging - consuming the wrong mushroom could be fatal.

Hen of the Woods Mushroom Woods Midland



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